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Shizuka Bando is a musician from Japan, plays the piano, the synthesizer, some percussions and   sings along with them. And she composes & arranges music as well. The style of hers is consisted of various elements: Classical, Jazz, Pop’s, world folk songs, improvisational music, and nature sounds etc. Taking the aesthetics of both the Western and the Eastern cultures into her works and performances flexibly, such “multilingual” way she calls, always captivates her fans and herself.


Born in Osaka 1986, Shizuka’s childhood was surrounded by lots of interesting sounds. Above all, tuneful wording of Baroque music, groove of the local seasonal festival drumming and fertile expression of the Osakan-dialect had been nurturing this girl’s ears and musical muscles. She started playing the piano at the age of only 1, and began her music study at the age of 3. After entering elementary school, she got many opportunities to perform throughout Japan including Tokyo Disney Land, Midousuji-parade as a member of the city band. She has won the PTNA competition merit award, Nagoya branch award, International music contest of the Great Wall of China and others. Her enthusiastic interest came to extend beyond the genre, and it gradually led to the cognition of composit art not only in field of music. While in Kyoto City University of Arts, she formed a creative dance club and challenged in many ways for developing her own art representation to generate the synergistic effects through interplaying among sound, light, fashion, language, body expression etc. She graduated the university in 2010 with thesis titled ”- MOVIE STYLE- Visual image and music: over possibility of physical expression”, which based on her practical research of film works by Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jackson.


Shizuka Bando's career as a composer has started in 2015 since she took charge of music for the 1200th anniversary of Koyasan, the world heritage. The very first live presentation of her original work was put with 360-degree images of quite precious Japanese national treasures and constellations in planetarium at MOVE 21, Osaka. Widely and deepely, she has carried distinctive art projects, such as live concerts, workshops, recordings, fieldworks, volunteer activities and collaboration with various  artists from another spheres.


The improvisation performance “Today’s graphic Notation” is Shizuka's representative work.The concept of this series is modeled on two civilizations: “Musica mundana” of Ancient Greece, and Indian classical music.Channeling the moment’s horoscope into music, she gives a real-time improvisational, one-of-a-kind performance with connecting her music to the whole universe, releasing intangible celestial music down on the Earth,making it perceptible by the ear.This can make you travel between audible & inaudible music.


It is also the most significant her activity to be mentioned: OTO-ASUME no TABI, which means “journey for gathering sounds around the world”. Everytime Shizuka makes or joins a trip, she records the local sounds as “ingredients” like the same as pigments for a painter.After bringing them back, she composes the works from them. She’s published the works in this regard about Tokyo, India, New York and Spain so far.


Received culture art support funding by Japanese government in 2020, Shizuka is excited to prepare and work for the next curious sound in this lovely universe.

板東 靜 (ばんどう しづか)

1986年生まれ 大阪府出身。京都市立芸術大学音楽学部卒業。Jazz、Classic、Pop’s、世界の民謡、即興演奏etc. 様々なジャンル、音文化を取り入れ、西洋と東洋などの世界色にも囚われないオリジナル楽曲を制作、演奏する次世代型マルチリンガル音楽家。

また、 歴史ある地域に赴き、数千年前の古代から現代へと引き継がれて来たインドのビハール州最古の芸術の神の祠(ほこら)の鐘の音なども収録。