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New Youtube video〈Today's graphic notation 5.12〉coming out!

Hello, dear firends! Such an amazing improvisation performance by Shizuka Bando have been opened on Youtub this time. It's a series of "Today's graphic notation",original piano solo, her giving improvisation according to a horoscope art work.

~ Letting the unhearable celestial music down on the Earth,making it percptible by the ear.Feel and connect with the grant music filled the whole universe,which is originally unrecognizable by your ears. Shizuka puts this aim into practice by playing the piano.~

2017.5.12_20:00/ Tokyo

Bando Shizuka『Ring the will !』

〈Today's graphic notation〉

Shizuka is so delighted if you find pleaseure in traveling between herable and unherable music. We would like to get your feedback ♪

5月12日に盛況を収めた、板東靜ソロライブ『Ring the will !』(意思を鳴らせ!)より、








Special website for new album is out!

Hello, dear everybody! This season the rest of winter must be exciting one. 'Cause We are ready for the new release ; 『WEATHER INDOOR』mini album by Bando Shizuka. The special website for this album ha


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