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BANDO SHIZUKA's next solo live at Tokyo, titled【Story of Earthship】,the ticket is now on sale!! The 3 ways to buy below ;

get directly from the performers

pay in advance by bank transfer

These bank accounts are available:

・Mitsuisumitomo Bank

Umeda branch (127)

ordinary account 8405763


・Japan Post Bank (Yuucyo)

14050 - 60363321


(please let me know YOUR NAME / NUMBER OF SEATS /CONTACTS → )

get the online ticket


※ Pre-purchased can only reserve. As for day ticket information will be announced soon later. Thank you very much for your corporation.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

BANDO SHIZUKA Solo Live【Story of Earthship】

・DATE: 2nd.Dec.(SAT) ・TIME: Op 18:15/St 19:00 ・PLACE: Blue-T ・ACT: Bando Shizuka ( & KATOUNO AYANE (Japanese harp) ・TICKET: ¥5000 & Drink (seasonal vagetable buffet ¥2000 +music charge¥3000) ・CAPACITY:60seat

I gonna have my India journey sound report as well 📷 I'm very happy if u can come and join this event ❣

日本語はコチラ(in Japanese)



Hello, dear firends! Such an amazing improvisation performance by Shizuka Bando have been opened on Youtub this time. It's a series of "Today's graphic notation",original piano solo, her giving improvisation according to a horoscope art work.

~ Letting the unhearable celestial music down on the Earth,making it percptible by the ear.Feel and connect with the grant music filled the whole universe,which is originally unrecognizable by your ears. Shizuka puts this aim into practice by playing the piano.~

2017.5.12_20:00/ Tokyo

Bando Shizuka『Ring the will !』

〈Today's graphic notation〉

Shizuka is so delighted if you find pleaseure in traveling between herable and unherable music. We would like to get your feedback ♪

5月12日に盛況を収めた、板東靜ソロライブ『Ring the will !』(意思を鳴らせ!)より、





  • 執筆者の写真SZ

It's a great news we have to notice you friends : on double of such lucky days in Japanese calendar meaning a single seed can eventually produce a great harvest, Bando Shizuka's online shop opened ! 2 trucks are available to buy each for now with trial listeining :)

We do hope you"ll find your favorite music ♪  

SHIZUKA's suites case〈LIVE REC.〉

● Sono yama syugyo no chi ni tsuki / Bando Shizuka

● Cello suite NO.1 prelude / J.S. Bach


SHIZUKA's suites case〈ライブレコーディング〉

●「その山、修行の地につき」/板東 靜

●「無伴奏チェロ組曲第1番よりプレリュード」/ J.S.バッハ





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